HMEI (Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry)


Mission Statement

The Association of “Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry”© (HMEI) promotes the views of the private industry providers of products and services in the meteorological, hydrological, environmental and related fields.

The Association is fully accredited to the WMO and other UN organizations and actively facilitates interaction and communication between its members and a broad range of international and national organizations, both governmental and private, for the mutual benefit of all parties.

The Work of HMEI

  • Establish and maintain communication between developers, manufacturers and service providers within the hydro-meteorological instruments and systems industry worldwide and to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of matters of mutual concern;
  • Represent, communicate and defend, at an international level, the views of the hydro-meteorological instruments and systems industry, thereby ensuring a voice for the industry in discussions and resolutions concerning designs, standards and operations of environmental, meteorological and hydrological instruments and equipment;
  • Collect and disseminate, at an international level, information relative to the hydro-meteorological instruments and systems industry;
  • Represent the hydro-meteorological instruments and systems industry by participation as an observer in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and its Commissions, Committees and Working Groups;
  • Promote and contribute to standardization world-wide in the meteorological and hydrological fields, including, defence of the interests of its members with relation to rules, guidelines and government policies, such as ISO standardization;
  • Advance the environmental, meteorological and hydrological sciences worldwide.

History of HMEI

In October 2000, during the CIMO Technical Conference on Instruments and Methods of Observation in Beijing, the then Secretary-General of WMO, Prof. Obasi, launched a plan to start high level communication with the hydro-meteorological industry and to find ways for participation of the industry in WMO activities. Prof. Obasi suggested that the industry should create an organization, which could participate in WMO activities as observer. This initiative resulted in the foundation of HMEI, the Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry.

In January 2001 a second meeting was arranged during the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Albuquerque. The organizing committee was asked to develop the rules and procedures and preparations were made for the establishment of the Association during the 2001 European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Budapest.
During this meeting:

  • Articles of Association were adopted
  • Rules of Procedure were adopted
  • Council of 8 members was elected
  • Formal establishment of the Association

The speech of Prof. Obasi, Secretary-General of WMO, at a meeting of the HMEI, held during the January 2002 AMS Meeting in Florida, recognized the formal establishment of the HMEI.

Consultative status at the WMO was granted to HMEI at the 54th Executive Council of WMO in June 2002.

In February 2003 the first HMEI General Assembly was held during the AMS Annual Meeting, in Long Beach, California, with an opening address by Prof. G.O.P. Obasi, Secretary-General of WMO.

In June 2003 the HMEI office was established in the WMO building in Geneva, Switzerland, with Bruce Sumner as the new HMEI Executive Secretary.

HMEI now established with over 20 member companies and continuing to grow, is addressed at its General Assembly in Seattle in January 2004 by the new Secretary-General of WMO, Michel Jarraud.

HMEI attended its first International Organization for Standardization meeting, the ISO/TC 146 Air Quality – Sub-committee 5 in Sweden in September 2004, and is invited to become a Liaison Member of ISO.

In June 2012 sees the retirement of Bruce Sumner, Executive Secretary since 2003 and Christine Charstone, Executive Administrator. In August the new team of Dr Alexander Karpov, Executive Secretary and Ms Robyn Thomas, Executive Administrator commence work.

In March 2013, the 120th member company joins HMEI.

The new HMEI website is launched at the General Assembly in Brussels in October, 2013.


Vista Mehr Negar  is a member of the HMEI.


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