The hydrological stations SIAP+MICROS assure the certainty of having real time check on the intensity of rainfalls and on the flows of rivers as in critical situations causes of floods, as in those of drought.
SIAP + MICROS manufactures a wide range of products oriented to measuring the water regime of streams, rivers and lakes. Some examples of our products are: ultrasonic level sensors, piezometric, differential pressure, radar, shaft encoder, together with atmospheric precipitation sensors and hydrometric rods.
Systems and hydro-geological monitoring networks based on the measurement of main parameters and the derived ones as flows and fluxes, together with the preventive characterization hydrodynamic campaigns conducted with our current meter, allow us to implement models for timely emergencies management (Early Warning System).
Thanks to the competence and professionalism acquired in nearly 100 years of SIAP+MICROS is partner for Civil Defense, Regional Enviromental Protection Agency (ARPA), Inter-regional Agency for Po river (AIPO), Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research (ISPRA), Basin Authority, Hydrographic Offices, Local Authorities, International Organizations, etc.

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