SIAP+MICROS projects and manufactures measurement networks for air quality. S+M’s applications are based on manufacturing and supplying a turn-the-key stations both static and movables, extremely advanced and reliable, capable of continuously monitoring a variety of chemical and physical parameters: from combined detection of the most common meteorological parameters and atmospheric pollutant to the background environmental radioactivity. S+M’s  networks acquire and elaborate the measures detected by the sensors and then transmit them via the most wide spread and reliable communication systems to the Electronic Data Processing (EDP). S+M’s advanced and progressive data logger are capable to iterfacing sensors and chemical analyzers manufactured both  by us and by third party, allowing in that way the maximum control of the instrumentation both local or remote.
The static and movable stations for air quality made by SIAP+MICROS are equipped with meteorological sensors and chemical analyzers for O3, CO, SO2, NOX, SOX, PM2.5, PM10, BTX. Data supplied by sensors are acquired and transmitted in a redundancy condition guaranteeing the highest reliability and data availability.
SIAP+MICROS gained a great experience even in the movables and static measurement networks of radioactivity for mapping the territory intensity of alpha, beta and gamma dose and for evaluation of radioisotopes quantity present in natural matrix such as air, water and soil.
The telemeasuring network supplied by S+M are under the complete management of our Softwares for control and supervision. Acquired and transmitted data to the EDP are organized and elaborated in the relational data base, georeferenced and with web access.

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