SIAP+MICROS puts on disposition a variety of devices which are designed and manufactured suitable for monitoring of drinkable water, surface water, layer water, civil and industrial waste water according to what ratified by the rules in force.
SIAP+MICROS’s offer is aimed to satisfy every needs with proper and customized solution, both from an analytical point of view and from the system integration.
SIAP+MICROS’s monitoring networks acquire and elaborate the measurement detected by the sensors and then transmit data via the most reliable and wide spread communication media. The data loggers made by SIAP+MICROS interface every kind of sensors, electrode and chemical analyzer, both SIAP+MICROS’s manufacture and third party’s manufacture. A transversal application, in the field of water monitoring, SIAP+MICROS’s multiparameters probes, water analyses lines and automatic sampler for continuous measurement of peculiar quality parameters.
In addition to typical flow values, temperature level and pressure, in the following table any of the chemical-physical parameters which can be detected and managed on-line on georeferenced database (web service) and later they are elaborated by proper software, completely developed by SIAP+MICROS.

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