Acquiring accurate  and real time data about  weather conditions plays important roles in the flights safety especially in landing and take off time. Also Weather data plays a major part in the current Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernization process.
Accurate & real time weather data are two important factors in flights safety which can avoid many events and crashes in this regard. To reach this aim it is needed to install aviation intelligent weather systems in the airports
Vista Mehr aviation  products according to WMO & ICAO standards guarantee most safety flight in the  bad weather conditions by following accurate data:
•    Wind speed and direction
•    Head , tail and cross wind
•    QNH pressure
•    Temperature and humidity
•    RVR and present weather
•    Base of clouds and vertical visibility
•    Lightning detection
•    LLWAS systems
•    Meteorological radars
•    LiDAR and SoDAR wind profiler systems
Also the following data is available automatically for the related users.
•    Metar and espacy
•    Taffor
•    Sigmet
•    …

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