Thanks to its consolidated know-how in technology and design SIAP+MICROS offers a wide range of products and services in meteorological monitoring field on any scale and application area, from single electronic or mechanical sensor to complex networks of stations for telemetry, from the Agrometeorology to the aeronautical meteorology, and so from the hydrology to the nivo-meteorology.
All SIAP+MICROS’s hardware and software are designed and manufactured according to the strictest and highest quality standards and in accordance with the provisions of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
The passion for excellence and constant innovation has led to the creation of SIAP+MICROS sensors and intelligent data acquisition systems (data logger) which together with customizable pre-and post-processing software are able to provide to the customer data on fundamental and derived quantities.
This has allowed us to become a partner in the guided fight against physiological diseases, bacterial and fungal in crops with the highest value added.
The same reasons has led SIAP+MICROS to play a role of primary importance both in the study and monitoring of hardware and climatological airport AWOS and LLWAS through numerous installations around the world.
The exclusive use of international standard protocol enables communication sensors, data acquisition and transmission SIAP+MICROS to be transparent and open to any kind of integration getting our customers free from the technology of the individual manufacturer.
The data collected and transmitted to the data centers are organized and processed by our software applications in modern and functional relational databases, geo-referenced and with web access.

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