CAN to Fiber opticConverter

Model:MC201Introduction:MC201 is a CAN bus to fiber converter. It designs specially to deal with the short transmission distance of CAN bus, the subjection to electromagnetic interference and other issues. CAN bus transfer to fiber is able to provide the user with transparent data transmission of CAN bus to fiber. It is working in pairs, is more convenient to put the CAN signal revert to the CAN signal through fiber transmission.MC201 serial converter integrates an optical interface and a 2KVAC electrically isolated CAN bus interface, is able to receive/store/transmit different rates between 2 CAN network data. CAN bus interface of MC201 supports various of standard communication baud rate recommended by CiA, is capable for detecting and matching automatical baud rate and defining baud rate by user, the baud rate ranges from 2.5Kbps to 1Mbps; it can connect external termination resistors at the same time.Its single-model fiber interface can be used in high-interference environment and has concentrated energy , which is more suitable for long-distance transmission , is better to extend the network communication distance.MC201 adopts EMC protection design, supports wall and panel mounting. It can be used at the harsh environment from -40℃ to 85℃.

  • 1.Support CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocol, conform to the ISO/DIS 11898
  • 2.Integrate1 UTD CAN interface and 1 optical interface
  • 3.CAN interface supports auto-detect baud rate and user-defined
  • baud rate, the baud rate matches the range of 2.5k~1Mbps
  • 4.Support optic fiber transmit CAN network data
  • 5.Extend transmission distance to 15 KM
  • 6.CAN interface has electrical isolation protection with 2KVAC
  • isolation voltage; Supports 8KV ESD protection(air discharge)
  • 7.Port Data Throughput: 1000fps
  • 8.Optional installation of external termination resistors
  • 9.Industrial design, IP40 protection
  • 10.Support DIN-Rail and wall mounting installation
  • 11.Working Temperature: -40~85℃

  • Fiber Interface
  • Interface Type: single optical port or dual optical port, SC/ST/FC optional
  • Fiber Type: single-model/multi-model
  • Wavelength: 1310nm
  • CAN Interface
  • Standard: CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B
  • CAN Signal: GND, CANL, CANH
  • Baud Rate: 2.5K ~ 1000K bps
  • Interface Resistor: 120ohm external Terminator optional
  • Port Node: load capacity supports 110 nodes
  • Interface Protection: 2KVAC isolation protection, 8KV ESD protection(air discharge)
  • Interface Type: 5PIN terminals
  • Transmit Distance
  • CAN Interface: 40m~10Km
  • Single-model Fiber: 0~15Km
  • Indicator
  • CAN:CAN channel status indicator
  • LOS: Network error status indicator
  • Power: Power indicator
  • Power
  • Input Voltage: 5VDC
  • No-load Power: 1.385W@5VDC<br< a="">>Full Power:1.310W@5VDC<br< a="">>Mechanical Structure
  • Shell;IP40 protection grade, high-strength metal casing
  • Installation: Wall-mount and Panel-mount
  • Weight: 237g
  • Size(H*W*L): 22mm×69mm×10mm
  • Working Environment
  • Working Temperature: -40~85℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40~85℃
  • Industry Standard
  • EMI: FCC Part 15, CISPR(EN55022) class A
  • EMS: EN61000-4-2(ESD), Lece3
  • Shock: IEC60068-2-27
  • Free Fall: IEC60068-2-32
  • Shake: IEC60068-2-6
  • Warranty Period: 5 years
  • Approvals: CE, FCC, RoHS, UL5



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