Control system

16 bit low power consumption microcontroller

High integration owing to SMD electronic components

8 MHz clock under operating condition

RAM – 8192 KB

ROM – 116 KB available for the operating program

ROM – 4 KB available for configuration parameters storage

Serial interefaces

1 Serial port RS232 (data transfer devices: GSM, radio modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc)

Input / Output

n⁰4 22 bit bipolar differential analog inputs

Input voltage range: -2.5Vdc ÷ +2.5Vdc

Resolution 1.2uV

Accuracy: ±(20µV + 0.1% of read value)

n⁰6 12 bit single-ended analog input

input voltage range: 0Vdc ÷ +2.5Vdc

resolution: 0.6mV

accuracy: ±(0.3mV + 0.1% of read value)

n⁰2 digital inputs for pulse measurement frequency (max 15KHz), period

n⁰2 low-frequency GPIO: digital input, digital output (push-pull 3V or 5V, open-drain 200mA max)

Main tasks

Instantaneous data acquisition with time/date stamp from input channels.

Statistical analysis on measured data (min and max value, period average, standard deviation)

Data storage of statistics values on SD Card.

Other features

SD Card slot (128MB to 2GB) Microsoft Windows compatible (FAT16, FAT32 filesystem)

Power supply voltage monitoring

Working temperature monitoring

Available power supply on sensor and expansion connectors (on request) 2.5V@10mA, 3V@70mA, 5V@70mA or 12V@70mA (5V and 12V only with 12V power supply)

Power supply

12 Vdc feeder - Photovoltaic panel (22V max, 10W max) –12V Rechargeable battery management
3 Vdc power supply - 2x1.5V Alkaline battery (size AA, C, D, etc.)

Working temperature

-30 ÷ 85 °C



(+9821) 22064015
(+9821) 22148186